Activate Admin Account

In this article, you will be able to learn how to Activate your Micepad Account. To proceed with building an event with Micepad, you would first need to activate your Micepad account. 

How to Activate your Micepad Account

Micepad’s admin panel is accessible when the user receives an email invitation from the Admin. Please check with your organization admin in-charge to request for a Micepad account invitation. 

Invitation Link

  1. You will receive an email invitation to create an account with us. Please check your inbox for our email.
  2. Click on the Accept Invitation button in the email invitation.

Setup Account

  1. Fill in First NameLast Name and Job Title fields. Click "CONTINUE".
  2. Set your preferred password and click "CONTINUE".
Note: Password needs to contain at least any 2 combination of uppercase, lowercase, number or special characters.


Login Account

  1. Login via the email invitation with your registered email address, along with your preferred password and click "LOG IN"
Note: Check the box for, "Remember this computer for 30 days" to avoid multi-factor authentication after first login. 


Verification Code

  1. Retrieve the one-time verification code (6-digit code) via your email inbox and click, "VERIFY" to redirect to your Organization Dashboard and start managing your event.
  2. After this initial setup, you can login via your registered email and password as per Login Account.
Note: We advise to only check the box, "Don't ask again on this device" only when you are logging in with a device you have full control of for safety reasons.

Log out of Admin Panel

  1. To log out, simply click on the arrow down button at the top right of the admin panel and click "Log Out".

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