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*This article is only relevant to administrators with creator access.

This article will walk you through creating a new event for your organization on the Micepad platform. Once you have confirmed with your account, the team will create an event space for your organization where you can start building your event. With administrative access, you will be given permission to create new events and manage your organization's events from the admin panel. 

The Micepad team would typically assist with creating an organization space and/or event. If you are managing your event independently, you can start creating your event once your organization space has been created. 

For existing Micepad users, decide whether to (1) create a brand-new event or (2) import an existing template from your organization. Click here for the Import Event Template article.

The steps below is a guide admin users can follow when creating a new event.

  1. Add New Event
  2. Event Details
  3. Branding
  4. Products
  5. Privacy Settings
Note: Only organization admins have permission to create a new event. Please approach your relevant organization admin or reach out to the Micepad Team for further assistance.

Create a New Event 

There are five (5) steps in creating your new event. After an event is created with these initial steps, you can customize and edit your event in greater detail once it has been created. Follow the guide below to start creating your event.

  1. Add New Event
    From the organization dashboard, select the +New Event button to create a new event. You will then be directed to the page where you can set up and enter your event details. 
  2. Event Details
    Fill in the Event Information, Date and Time, and Location fields for your event accordingly.
  3. Branding
    • Upload your event’s logo and banner here. Select Skip for now if you prefer to add your designs later.
    • Recommended logo size: 320px x 568 px, or 4:3 ratio. JPG or PNG format.
    • Recommended banner size: 1242px x 568px. JPG or PNG format
  4. Products
    Choose the products that are needed for your event (and the subscription level for each product). 
  5. Note: Before creating your event, ensure that the products selected meet your event requirements as this section is non-editable from the admin panel once you have created your event. Please check with Micepad to clarify your product subscription.
  6. Privacy Settings
    Decide who can view and access the event. This setting may be adjusted later from the Event Setup page from your admin panel.
    • Public
      If your event is set to the  Public setting, it will appear in search results (on the Micepad App, not Google search). It will be open for anyone to sign up and attend the event. 
    • Private
      If your event is set to the  Private setting, your event will not appear on the Micepad App search results and only attendees with the event passcode may access your event.
      When " Allow Guest Login" is checked, it enables attendees to login without having to sign up for an account.
      Note: Admins to note that there will be no names or email credentials recorded on the attendee list when Guest login is enabled. It will be reflected as, "Guest" on the attendee list.
    • Invite-only
      If your event is set to the " Invite-only" setting, only invited attendees are allowed to access the event. 
      Note: To permit attendees to login to an event, event admins are required to add attendee names and email credentials to the attendee list on the admin panel.

Once you have completed these steps, select the  Create button to finish creating your event.

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