Add Event Administrators

In this article, you will be able to learn how to add event admins

An Event Collaborator is granted admin access to the event(s) they have been invited to by a Micepad administrator. For self-managing clients, please confirm additional invites with your Micepad administrator.  

An event collaborator is also known as an event administrator. Please note that the Micepad team is the primary source for adding or removing event collaborators. For additional admin access, consult your Micepad contact and provide necessary details. There is also a cap on the number of event administrators in order to enforce restrictions on who has access to the admin panel.

Other admin roles may include screen moderators or exhibitor administrators. Do indicate clearly the correct roles to invite. 

Note: Event Collaborators are allowed to manage event content throughout the backend admin panel and admin access from the attendee view. This includes the managing of attendees, registration, virtual platform features and email. 

How to add Event Collaborators (Admin)

Organization admins can invite collaborators for their event(s) by following these steps to add an event collaborator for specific events:

  1. From the event-level dashboard, select the Invite Teammate icon at the top right of the page to redirect to the Team Access page.

  2. At the Team Access page, select +Invite Teammate button.

  3. At the Invite Teammate popup, fill in the Email, First Name and Last Name fields and click Send Invitation. Event Collaborator can access the invite via their email inbox and proceed to activate their account.

How to remove Event Collaborators

Event Collaborators who have been removed from an event will have their collaborator access revoked from the admin panel. This means that they will not be able to access your event from the backend admin panel. 

Follow these steps to remove Event Collaborators from your event:

  1. Check the box of the Event Collaborator you wish to remove and click Remove selected button.

  2. At the popup, click Remove button

Once you have completed these steps Event Collaborator is removed from your event.

How to add screen moderators

  1. Under Display Option, click the Live Stream or Video Conferencing tab on your Live Screen Settings page.

    Note: You can set moderators for Live Stream or Video Conferencing.

  2. Set the Moderation Mode and add Moderators accordingly.

    Moderation Modes:

    - No Moderation: All Attendees are allowed to participate in video chat

    - Require moderator to approve: Attendees will require to request to join the VC and moderators can approve or reject the request

    - Selected attendees only: Only attendees selected by moderators are allowed to join the VC. 

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