Event Dashboard

In this article, you will be able to learn how access and navigate the Event Dashboard.

Event admins will be directed to their Organization dashboard upon successful login via the Micepad admin login page.
This will be the view of your event's backend admin panel where you can have full admin access to set up or manage your event. 

Access Event Dashboard

  1. From the Organisation Dashboard, Select an Event you wish to manage. Selecting an event will redirect you to the Event Dashboard.

  2. To access the landing page of your Event Dashboard from other admin modules, select, "Dashboard" from the top panel.
  3. Note: Admins are able to view a summary or overview of the various event analytics on the event dashboard.

Navigating the Event Dashboard

The Event Dashboard Overview is the landing page upon entering your an event under you organization. 

Top Panel

Locate main modules such as: Dashboard, Attendees, Registration, App, Emails

Note: The number of modules available at the top panel depends on your event requirements.

Left Panel


  • Event Details → Event Info, Date and Time, Location 
  • Branding → Logo, Cover, Branding colors, Theme
  • Privacy Settings 


  • Event Website → Setup for Event Website landing page, if required.
  • Recordings → Video Conferencing recordings download
  • Integrations → Connect with external Apps
  • Advanced Options → Advanced Settings to add keywords or event tags or delete contents, results, event


  • Reports → Download event reports


  • Team Access → Invite teammate
  • Event Access → Update event access
  • Admin Request
  • Social Media
  • Attendee Fields → Master list of form fields from all forms across the event
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