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In this article, you will be able to learn how to toggle between Admin & Attendee views.

When setting up an event from the backend admin panel, admin users are able to toggle between admin and attendee views to check if your setup from the admin panel is reflecting accurately on the frontend attendee view.

Admin Panel view to Attendee view

Event admin users who are setting up their event will be on the admin panel by default. Quick links opens a new tab for quick access the attendee view. 
Follow the steps below to open a new tab for the Attendee's View:

  1. Click Dashboard from the top admin panel to ensure you're on the Overview page.
  2. On the top right of the Overview page, locate either the Preview (eye icon) or Open Link (arrow box icon) under QUICK LINKS. A new tab will launch when you click on either link.
    Note:  Preview will open a new tab to the virtual platform. If you are not logged into the event,  Open Link will open a new tab to the Event Website (Landing page before logging into the Virtual Platform or Registration). 

Other Quick Links

You can find "Preview registration" button available under Registration tab. The preview button is convenient as it allows event admins to preview event registration setup from the attendee's view. 

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