Setting Up Push Notifications

In this article, you will learn how to set up and send different types of push notifications

What are push notifications?

Push Notifications enables event admins to send clickable pop-up messages that appear on the participant's App. It acts as an alert for the participants on their devices. 
For the  virtual platform, Push Notifications will show a red alert indicated on the bell icon at the top of the event page. 
Push Notifications are useful for Alerts, Reminders, Announcement, Audience Engagement or other form of notifications to  all attendees, specific groups, or selected individuals
Call-to-action allows participants to click on the notification to immediately redirect them to other features set by the admin.     

Accessing your push notifications

  1. From the Admin panel, select App.
  2. From the left side panel, select Push Notifications.     

How to set up and send push notifications

  1. From Push Notifications, select + New Push Notification.
  2. Fill in the Title, Message, and Recipients for the push notification.
    If you require a Call-To-Action, Select the App feature under the  ‘Link to’ dropdown to redirect attendees when they click the Push Notification
  3. Choose to ‘Save for later’(Draft), ‘Send Now’ or ‘At a scheduled time’ (scheduled time follows the event time zone)
  4. Once you are done, select the Save button below.

Examples of push notifications

    Pre-event push notifications:
    • Reminders such as the time and date of the event, event location, guest speakers, schedule, check-in locations, meals, etc. 
    • Announcements such as last minute changes, speaker links, sponsor deals, etc.
    Mid-event push notifications
    • Changes to the event schedule, dining location, last minute announcements, etc.
    • Audience Engagement reminders to participate in polling, discussion, quiz, etc.
    Post-event push notifications
    • Thank You messages to attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, etc. for the successful event.
    • Feedback to understand the attendees’ thoughts and opinions about what they enjoyed from the event and what can be improved from their point of view.
    • External Links & Calls to Action to drive the attendees towards taking the suggested action.
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