Feedback Forms

  1. From the Admin Panel, click on App.
  2. Search and select the Feedback feature. 

Creating a feedback form

  1. From the main page, select the + New Feedback Form button.
  2. Fill in the  TitleDescription and the  Thank You Message.
  3. (Optional) You can also control who would be able to access your feedback forms through the  Access Rights option. By default, your quiz visibilities are set to everyone. 
  4. (Optional) You can also choose to display all questions on a single page by enabling the  Display All Questions In One Page option. By default, the questions will be on different pages.
  5. Once you have completed filling in the details, select the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Adding questions to your feedback form

  1. If you have multiple feedback forms set up, select the form that you wish to edit and ensure that you are on the Questions tab.
  2. Fill in the details and add questions as you see fit. To add more questions, click on the, "+" icon located on the side of the page. 
  3. To remove a question from the feedback form, select a question and click on the trash bin icon. Note that this action is irreversible.
  4. (Optional) You can add on more headers throughout the feedback form by clicking on the, "H" icon. The new header will appear above the selected question.

    Do note that your changes are automatically saved.

Types of questions

  1. Multiple Choice: Allow attendees to select from a list of predefined answers from a fixed number of options.
  2. Check Box: Allow attendees to select multiple answers.
  3. Star Rating: Allow attendees to select from a rating system. You can select the total number of stars up to 10 stars.
  4. Ranking: Allows attendees to rank their answers.
  5. Short Answer: Allow attendees to provide an open-ended response.
  6. Paragraph: Allow attendees to provide a much larger amount of words compared to the Short Answer option.
  7. Likert Scale: A popular rating scale that sums your respondents responses.
  8. Multiple Open-Ended: Allow attendees the flexibility of having several open-ended responses
  9. Matrix Multiple Choice Grid: Allows attendees to select more than one answer from a matrix style format. 

Feedback Analytics

  1. If you have multiple feedback forms set up, select the form that you are interested in.
  2. Select the Analytics tab. You can then view your results and compare them to gain a better insight into your feedback.

Looking at feedback on an individual level

  1. If you have multiple feedback forms set up, select the form that you wish to edit and ensure that you are on the Individual Responses tab.
  2. You can select any individual that you are interested in to view his or her feedback, and look at their individual responses to each question.


Downloading feedback reports

  1. From the feedback feature, select the Download Report button.
  2. Choose whether you wish to sort responses by  question type,  titles, or by their  names. Similarly, choose the  dates and the specific  feedback forms that you are interested in
  3. Select the Export button, followed by the click here that will be shown on the screen.
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