In this article you will find out how exhibitors feature works.

Accessing the Exhibitors Feature

  1. From the Admin Panel, select App. 
  2. Search and select the Exhibitors feature.

Setting up Exhibitor booth

  1. Select +New to add a new exhibitor booth.

  2. Fill in the necessary fields.
  3. Select the Save button.

Adding content to the booth

  1. Click on the exhibitor name and choose the Contents tab and click Add Content

  2. Select content type from the dropdown list.
  3. To add more content for the same exhibitor, click on the green + button and continue until all contents are included (This page will auto-save).

    Note: If you copy and paste information, all formatting will be lost and you may need to align and reformat accordingly. 

Inviting Exhibitor Administrators and Representatives

This would allow exhibitor administrators to upload and edit their own booth’s content

  1. From the Exhibitors feature, select the exhibitor that you wish to add an administrator or representative.
  2. Select the Admins tab.
  3. Add in the email(s) of the representative or administrator:
    1. Exhibitor Administrator : Admins are able to edit details, upload contents, manage representatives and view booth data.
    2. Exhibitor Representative: Representatives are able to see attendee list, moderate discussions and engage in private chats

      Note: You are required to add Exhibitor Administrators & Representatives email on the Attendees list before proceeding to invite them as Exhibitor Admin/Representative. 

Categorising and grouping booths

  1. Click Manage Categories at the top of the exhibitors list page.

  2. Select Add New Category and key in the desired category name(s).
  3. Select the Save button.

  4. To apply the category to the desired booth(s), select the checkbox and Assign Category

  5. From the popup, select the Category from the dropdown list and click save.


  1. Name: You can rename this module instead of calling it Exhibitors.
  2. Visibility: Visibility can be enabled/disabled anytime for the Exhibitors to be visible or invisible.
  3. Access Rights: Rights can be given to either everyone, specific groups, or none

Front End View of Exhibitors

This will be the attendees' view of the Exhibitors from the front end. 

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