In this article, you will learn how to manage Home feature.

The Home feature is by default the main landing page for the virtual platform when attendees first enter the event. You can choose to rearrange the feature sequence by dragging the icon on the FEATURES list available on the left panel.

Home feature requires setup, especially for streaming/broadcasting.

Note: All changes made on this page will be REFLECTED  LIVE on attendees' view.

Accessing the Home feature

  1. From the Admin Panel, select App
  2. Search and select the Home feature on the left side panel.

Main Tab

  1. Countdown is the screen that will be shown on the screen right before a video starts. 
  2. There are 3 main options:
    1. Always Hide,
    2. Always Show and
    3. Show only before the video starts
  3. Select the option that is most suitable for your event by clicking your preferred option. Changes will be saved automatically and reflected immediately on the attendee's view.
Holding Banner and Sponsor Banner
  1. Under Holding Banner and Sponsor Banner, you can change your display banner by selecting the pencil icon.

    Recommended Holding Banner Size: 1242px width x 564px height JPG or PNG
    Recommended Sponsor Banner Size: 774px width x 430px height JPG or PNG
  2. After selecting the pencil icon you can upload an image from your files by selecting the Upload image option.
Display option
  1. You can choose the source of your display by sliding through these options. You can toggle between an
    1. None
    2. Image
    3. Live Stream
    4. Video Conferencing or
    5. Pre-recorded video for your event
  2. Upon selecting one of the 4 options, you will be able to set the Start and End time for your media, Stream URL, Video ID, and more. Changes will be saved automatically. 
    1. Setup Live Stream
    2. Setup Video Conferencing
Audience Engagement

  1. Chat - Enabling the chat option will allow users and attendees to type into a chatbox on the virtual platform.
  2. Q&A - Enabling this option will allow users and attendees to be able to ask questions regarding the event presentation. Under Manage Q&A, you will be able to moderate the questions.
  3. Polls - Enabling this option will allow you to conduct polls and gain the opinions of the attendees/users on certain questions. For more information, see Polls (feature).
  4. People - Enabling this will allow your attendees to view the attendees present at the event. People tab is by default available for event administrators even when the engagement is disabled.


The Recordings tab available on the Home feature is where recordings for the live video conferencing will be available for access. The video conferencing module within the Home feature offers an option for admins or moderators to record the live video conferencing session(s) from the attendees' view. Once the recording is completed, the Recordings tab on the admin panel under Home features is where admins can access the recorded session.

Note: The maximum time limit for recording is 2 hours. Please stop and start the recording again every 2 hours to prevent any loss of recordings

Admin Panel Setup:

  1. On the Home feature at the admin panel  
  2. Change Display Option to Video Conferencing  
  3. Toggle record video button

How to record VC from Virtual Platform

Follow the steps below to record video conference from the virtual platform:

  1. From the attendee view (video conferencing on the virtual platform) ➔ Click on Start Recording to record the session
Note: Admin is able to start recording the VC session from the virtual platform.

Download Recordings

App → *Home feature → Recordings tab → Download

*Recordings can be downloaded via other features with Video Conferencing - Home, Exhibitors or Schedule. 

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