Edit Attendee Information

In this article, you will be able to learn how to manage your event attendees.

The following are the areas you can manage on this page:

Attendees tab is where you view your list of event attendees from the admin panel. Attendees who complete Registration, their details will be reflected on the Attendees page. Alternatively, admins can also import an attendee list.

Show/Hide Attendee fields

This is useful for admins to manage attendees list by enabling or disabling view for relevant attendee details on the attendees list from the admin panel.

  1. From the Attendees tab, select Show/Hide Fields. A pop up will appear. Select form from dropdown.
  2. From the pop up, you can toggle the various particulars on or off for your admin/attendees view of attendee fields. Changes will be automatically saved.

Viewing and editing attendees' details

  1. From the Attendees tab, select an attendee you wish to view and/or edit by clicking on their names. A pop up will appear.
  2. Left panel tab
    In this pop up, you can edit attendee’s particulars under the Information tab. You can also view an attendee's particulars based on different forms that you have created.
  3. Click on the different forms to edit information accordingly.
  4. Click Save button after changes.
    Note: Others will only appear if there are questions that is not assigned to any forms. To remove unused questions, go to Others tab and click here to manage and/or delete questions from Attendee fields admin panel

  5. Top panel tab
    Manage  Groups, Score Details, Log, Activity Feeds and responses for the Questionnaire by selecting the appropriate tabs
  6. Score Details
    For score adjustments such as adding/removing points, select Score Details from top panel. On Score Details, select Bonus / Penalty button and make the relevant changes. 
  7. If you have made any changes, select the Save button. 

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