Add Attendees

In this article, you will be able to learn how to manage your Event Attendees

Attendees Tab is where you will be able to view and manage the attendee module.

After an Attendee completes their Ticket Registration/Purchase, their details will be reflected on the Attendees page. Alternatively, you can import an attendees list.

Access Attendees

  1. From the Admin panel, select Attendees.

Add Attendees manually

  1. From the Attendees tab, select + Add. A pop up will appear.
  2. Fill in the attendee's email, first name and last name. 
  3. Note: Email field is compulsory.
  4. You can add more attendees at once by selecting the + icon. 
  5. Alternatively, you can select the dustbin icon to delete the row.
  6. Once you are done manually adding the attendee(s), select the Invite button to add attendee(s).  

Import Attendees List

This import method is convenient for organizers who are using the attendee list from an existing database.

Attendee Template

Before you import your attendee list, you are required to format your attendee list according to the Micepad attendee template.
To retrieve the template format, follow the steps below:

  1. Download attendee template by selecting ImportClick here at the Attendees admin panel. Follow listed instructions.
    Note: Ensure that the column headers matches the fields listed under the attendee information.
  2. The downloaded template only includes basic fields that may not be required for your event. Replace or add relevant fields you require. 
  3. Ensure that you have added required fields to your Form fields to successfully import all data.
  4. If your event requires additional fields that are not included in the template, add them by the column title and complete the attendee information by rows accordingly.
  5. Before importing, ensure that additional fields are to be added via the admin panel under Registration RSVP Form 

Import Attendees (CSV or XLS)

  1. Select the  Upload File button, locate the template file you have saved in S/N 5 and select the file to upload. 
  2. Click on the Filter fields by and select Attendee Particulars
  • Match column to fields from the dropdown ➔ Click Import Attendees to complete import.
  • Imported attendee list will be listed on the Attendees tab.   

    Create Groups for attendees

    Create Group

    1. From Attendees admin panel → Go to Groups → Click +
    2. Insert Group Name and set the Maximum users if necessary ➔ Click Save                                                                                 

    Create Registration Group (Only available for RSVP Registration)

    1. From Attendees admin panel → Go to Registration Groups → Click +
    2. Insert Group Name and Save

    Question: Can I import attendee list by batches?

    Yes. You can import attendees by batches. 

    If you have a long list of attendees to manage for your event, you may have  importing your attendee list by batches whenever you receive a new list to import from your attendees or clients.

    Assign Attendees to Group

    Assign attendees to groups from Attendee list

    1. From All Attendees → Select attendee(s) to assign by checking the box
    2. Check the box next to the attendee(s) you would like to assign Normal Group. 
    3. Click on Reassign and select the group from the dropdown list

    4. You will see that Group list will be updated once attendees assigned to the group. 

    Assign attendees to groups from Attendee Information

    1. From attendee list → Select an attendee
    2. Go to Groups tab → Assign attendee to designated group → Save

    Note: Normal Groups is NOT Registration Groups. Registration groups are based on the Ticket selected during the Registration process. To manage Registration setup, click here.
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