How do I Enter Event as an Attendee?

In this article, you will learn how to access the event through desktop and mobile app

Enter event via web browser 

You must first register for an event or receive an event invite from the event organizer before being given access to an event held on the micepad platform. Those seeking assistance should contact the event organizers or the micepad support team.

Suggestion: To ensure a seamless virtual event experience, do access the Micepad platform via the recommended web browsers; Chrome/ Safari/ Edge/ Firefox. Do ensure that your browsers are the updated versions.
  1. Open your web browser and go to the event website link (Event Website link should look like: You can locate this link at your registration confirmation email or your event ticket pdf found in your payment confirmation email. 
    1. For Private events, you may require to key in a passcode provided by your event organizers (if applicable).
    2. For Public or Normal events, you will be able to access the event website directly from the event link.
  2. At the event website click the, "Enter" button 
  3. Login the event with the registered credentials (email that was used during registration) and click, "NEXT"
  4. Check your email inbox for an OTP, insert the code into the field and click, "VERIFY" to complete login.

Enter event via mobile app

  1. Download the Micepad App from App Store or Google play
  2. Open the Micepad App and click ‘Tap here to Login’
  3. After Signing in with your registered email address and password, you will be able to see all upcoming events that are registered for under that account. Click the relevant event you want to access.
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