Exhibitors (Booth)

In this article, you will be able to learn about the Exhibitors feature.

Accessing Exhibitors Feature (Booth)

  1. Click on Exhibitors from the left panel and you will be redirected to the Exhibitors list. You can search for exhibitors from the search bar or scroll down to view list of exhibitors.
  2. Select Exhibitor to enter virtual booth.

Navigating around Exhibitors feature

  1. Scroll down to view Exhibitor content. Content can be in forms of videos, PDF files etc.
  2. Exhibitor engagement is where you can Chat, send Questions or answer Polls.
  3. If you are interested in exhibitor, click on the interested button.
  4. Click back to redirect back to the main exhibitor list.
  5. For PDF files, scroll down to the bottom of the content to download or email.  
    Note: Not all content can be downloaded. Please check with your event organizers if the exhibitor has allowed downloadable content.


Attendees can leave their interests on the exhibitor's page by clicking on the, "Interested" button so that exhibitors are able to contact interested attendees. This depicts the, "leave your business card in a bowl" concept available at physical events. Alternatively, attendees can communicate directly with the exhibitor by leaving them a message on their audience engagement panel at the right side of the page via the Chat or Q&A tabs.

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