Attendees list

In this article, you will be able to learn about the Attendees feature.

Accessing Attendees feature

  1. On the left panel , clicking the ‘more’ option and selecting the Attendees Feature will allow you to view the profiles of the attendees for that event.

Navigating around attendee feature

  1. You can search for a particular attendee via the search bar.
  2. You are able to filter out attendees based on their status by checking the relevant checkboxes.
  3. Clicking on a particular attendee’s profile will allow you to view their contact details (if applicable). You can  arrange a meeting or leave a message for an attendee.

Leave a message

  1. Select an attendee to open his/her profile.
  2. Click on Leave a message. A chat box will popup. Type your message in the chat box and send. 

Arrange a meeting with attendee

  1. Click on Arrange Meeting on the attendee's profile
  2. Proceed to complete meeting request:
    1. Select Meeting Duration
    2. Select Date
    3. Select Time
    4. Leave a message to attach to your meeting request and click Send.
Note: Meeting request will be reflected at your Meetings feature. 
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