Set up Email Campaigns

In this article, you will be able to learn how to set up email campaigns. 

The Email Campaigns  is a useful communication tool that allows organisers to quickly build and send personalised emails to multiple recipients at once. This module is catered to ease organizer's efforts in customizing their email content and recipient lists. You can start drafting your email campaigns through our selection of templates. It helps organisers boost efficiency in sending out campaigns or EDMs to event participants under one module. Follow the steps below to setup your email campaign.

When to use email campaigns?

You can use the email campaigns at any point during the pre, during or post event phases of your event.

  • Share information about your event
  • Promote your event to existing list of attendees
  • Encourage participant registration
  • Address event updates to participants at any point in time
Note: Admin users are able to access email campaigns, email templates and track sent emails and the receive/read status. To learn how to send email campaigns, click here.

Select Email Campaign

  1. From Email Campaigns ➔ Select + New Email to Open Templates
    Note: Select from the available templates to edit. You cannot create a custom template from scratch. Only edit the content within the template.
  2. Hover over a Template from the available Templates ➔ Click Preview or Select to edit template for your campaign.

Edit Email Campaign

Step 1: Edit Content

By selecting the sections from the left preview and edit the content on the right section accordingly.

Step 2: Settings

  • Set your email Sender Name 
  • Reply to email → The email to which attendee replies will be sent
  • Enable Registration Ticket or Calendar ICS File, if necessary

Step 3: Recipients

Add Recipients → Basic or Advanced (Filter List)

Click Add recipients link located within the "To" box to add recipients.
There are 3 options when selecting recipients:

  1. All Users - Email will be sent to all event attendees
  2. Individuals - Email will only be sent to individual attendees added to the recipient list
  3. Filter List - Email will be sent to recipients on the selected filtered list:
    1. Registration Status
    2. Attendance
    3. Login Status
    4. Advanced →

Once you have selected the recipient option ➔ click on click here to refresh latest recipient list. You will see the total recipient on the right panel. Click Add on the bottom right of page to save and close recipient.

Note: You can only send emails to recipients from your existing Attendees list. Please ensure recipient is under the Attendees list via the Attendees tab.

Step 4: Schedule

The final step to email campaign is Schedule. This is where event admins can decide to send the email campaign immediately or schedule it for later.

  • Send Now → Immediately send your email to recipients
  • Send later → Schedule to automatically send later at a specific date and time

Tip: Preview your email before sending or scheduling to ensure that setup and content are accurate.

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