Send Email Campaigns

In this article, you will be able to learn how to set up email campaigns.

Please click here to read on how to set up email campaigns before you start sending out email campaigns to your attendees.

When to use email campaigns?

You can use the email campaigns at any point during the pre, during or post event phases of your event.

  • Share information about your event
  • Promote your event to existing list of attendees
  • Encourage participant registration
  • Address event updates to participants at any point in time
Note: Admin users are able to access email campaigns, email templates and track sent emails and the receive/read status. To learn how to send email campaigns, click here.

How to send email campaigns?

Go to your Emails module from the top panel ➔ click +New Email to open template selection page

  1. Select your preferred email template by hovering over the template ➔ click Select
  2. When template is opened ➔ click sections on the left to edit email content accordingly
  3. Complete the fields for, "Add recipients", "Subject" and "Reply to" fields where necessary
    1. There are 3 options when selecting recipients:
      1. All Users - Email will be sent to all event attendees
      2. Individuals - Email will only be sent to individual attendees added to the recipient list
      3. Filter List - Email will be sent to recipients on the selected filtered list:
        1. Registration Status
        2. Attendance
        3. Login Status
  4. Note: You can only send emails to recipients from your existing Attendees list. Please ensure recipient is under the Attendees list via the Attendees tab
  5. Select the, "Preview & Send" button located on the top right section of the page. You will be redirected to a preview of the email. Preview and ensure your email has been filled accordingly. Select the, "Send" button to open popup.
    1. You can choose between two options to send out your email:
      1. Send Now: Email is sent out immediately to your recipients
        Once you have selected an option and ensured recipients are directed to the right people, click, " Send" to send out your email campaign.
      2. Schedule: Set a specific date and time to send out your emails from the time and date picker and click Schedule.
        Note: For scheduled emails, you can make changes to the email via the Draft tab on Campaigns page

Email Tip:

  • For convenient access to your template, leave your email campaigns under Draft
    • To achieve this, simply click +New Email > select Template > click cancel to be redirected to your Drafts tab.
  • When it's time to use the template, simply Duplicate the template from your Draft tab instead of accessing via +New Email. 
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