SI: Language Translation

In this article you will be reading on simultaneous interpretation (SI).

>What is Simultaneous Interpretation?

A live translator system known as simultaneous interpretation (SI) is integrated into Micepad for events requiring live translation. Participants can switch between the available languages by clicking the Language dropdown under the live stream. 

Note: The feature is currently available only on the virtual platform (web browser) and not on the Micepad Mobile App.

Language options are determined by the event organizer or client depending on their event requirements. 

How do I change the Language?

You must be logged into the event via a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox). Once logged in → Go to live stream page → Locate the dropdown menu below the live stream by clicking on the globe icon → Select your preferred language

Note: Please note that there may be a stream latency of 10 - 30 secs depending on your internet connection.

Overlapping audio

When there is overlapping audio, it is usually between the main audio and the translated audios. Please make sure that your  main audio is muted on the bottom left of the livestream before changing your language.

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