Organization Dashboard

All users managing events on Micepad are assigned to an Organization where you are able to access and manage your events. When event organizers or administrators log onto Micepad's admin panel, they are redirected to the Dashboard, also known as the landing page for an Organization’s events. This is where event administrators will be able to view current or past events by your organization.

The articles below explains more about an Organization on Micepad and the Organization Dashboard:

  • What is an Organization on Micepad?
  • Who can create my Organization on Micepad?
  • Who has permission to access events on my Organization from the admin panel?
  • Navigating the Organization Dashboard
  • What is an Organization on Micepad?

    Organizations utilizing Micepad to run physical, virtual or hybrid events will be assigned an organization space on the Micepad admin panel. This space allows your organization's event administrators to setup or manage events.

    Who can create my Organization on Micepad?

    Once your organization has confirmed an event with the Micepad Sales Team, an organization space will be created on the admin panel for your organization. Event administrations from your organization can expect an invitation to access your Organization on Micepad.

    Note: Administrative access will be given to organization who are managing their own events or request admin access. 

    Who has permission to access events on my Organization from the admin panel?

    Event administrators (Collaborators) who are given access to your Organization's events are allowed to access your Organization's admin panel on Micepad. Depending on your user role, your permissions will defer. For more information, you can read the article under Roles and Permissions

    Navigating the Organization Dashboard

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    Please note that the view above is based on a Micepad admin view. Other event admins may not have access to Create New Event as Micepad personnel will setup a new event for an organization's event admin.

    Note:  To update organizer name or logo, please reach out to the Micepad Team via the Contact Us link available at the bottom of this page for further assistance.
    Do provide the updated organizer name and logo.
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