What is Micepad?

Have you recently signed up for Micepad or were invited as an event administrator?

You've come to the right place! Micepad is the all-in-one virtual, hybrid and in-person event platform for event organisers worldwide. From online registration to interactive features including in-app Live Polling to Satisfaction Surveys, Micepad makes it convenient to plan and execute a successful array of MICE events. In fact, MICE is an acronym used as a catch-all for the events industry in this region and beyond.





Whether you are planning conferences or events for years or running your first town hall, Micepad enables you to easily organise, energise and analyse your event details and guests for the ultimate virtual, hybrid or in-person event experience.

As event administrators, you will be able to access your Organisation and Event Dashboard where you can access the main modules to build and manage your event.

Here's a brief introduction to the top panel modules that you will be familiarised with throughout your Micepad journey.

Top Panel Modules


This is the landing page of your event dashboard where event administrators can access modules that allows you to access setting up of basic event details, manage event website, settings, integrations and generate event analytics.

The Dashboard provides an overview of:

  • Registration Status
  • Arrival Status
  • Engagement
  • Login Status
  • Ticket Sales
  • Event Activity
  • Quick Access Links


No event is complete (or event worth it!) without event attendees. Here is where administrators can add invitees manually or import from a spreadsheet. Manage, filter and sort your event attendees into groups or based on different conditions you require.


Registration is a centralised space for RSVP or Ticket registration setup. Depending on whether your event is RSVP-based or Ticket-based, this module allows administrators to create and manage registration tickets, forms, orders and registration access for attendees.


This module allows administrators to manage onsite registration. This where you can access the Web-based check-in for both RSVP or Ticketed events. For in-person or hybrid events, set up and easy self-serve or minimally-staffed check-in process, using the app and/or Kiosk to check-in attendees efficiently via the search bar or QR code.


Effective content management is essentially the most fundamental building block for a successful event. App module allows administrators to manage event content or customisations suitable for to meet your event specifications. This includes app features such as Schedule, Speakers, Chat, Q&A, Live Streaming, Polling, Exhibitors, Breakout Rooms and a client-favourite, Business Matching.


Communication with your attendees throughout the various stages of your event is essential to ensure event marketing, newsletters and event details are constantly delivered promptly. The Micepad email module allows administrators to manage automated and campaign emails with ease.

These five modules allows administrators to build your event from start to finish. If you're ready to get started, we'll guide you through creating an event.

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