My First Event on Micepad

We're glad you're ready to create your first event on Micepad! We're thrilled to provide you access to a comprehensive event platform as well as instructional resources to assist your event creation with Micepad.

It is strongly recommended to plan your event at least one to two months ahead of time. This timeframe is optimal as it provides ample time for you to complete the necessary setup and testing for your event on Micepad. By allowing this duration, you provide the Micepad team with sufficient time to resolve any potential issues that may occur.

If this is your first Virtual or Hybrid event, check out these Best Practices. Follow the steps below to get started on creating your first event.

  1. Define your audience
  2. Prepare in the format of choice (virtual, hybrid, onsite)
  3. People: Organizers, Sponsors, Speakers, Hosts
  4. Event Schedule / Agenda
  5. Marketing & RSVPs
  6. Day-of: Engagement
  7. Post-Event: Feedback surveys, newsletter adds

1. Define your audience

  • Are you planning on holding a public event, a private event, or an invite-only event?
  • Are your guests required to pay for access to your event or is it free?
  • Do you require segregating your attendees into groups? 

Determine if this is a public or private event. Your event can be accessible to all, open to only registered guests with a password, or strictly by invitation only.

2. Prepare in the format of choice (virtual, hybrid, onsite)

  • How will the sessions be broadcasted if the event is hybrid or virtual? Will they be live streamed, pre-recorded or a mix of both?
  • Is your event accessible via web browser, mobile app or both?

Our Micepad experts can suggest the best way to deliver your sessions throughout your event using Micepad.

3. People: Organizers, Sponsors, Speakers, Hosts

Consider the different types of attendees who will be attending or participating in your event. As a result, your attendee list can be organized according to your event requirements and you can set up app features more easily if you need to add specific categories of attendees to have special access to specific features.

  • Event Organizers (Admins)
    • Screen Admins
    • Screen Moderators
  • Translators
  • Event Sponsors
  • Event Exhibitors
    • Exhibitor Administrator
    • Exhibitor Representatives
  • Event Speakers
  • Event Hosts
  • General Attendees

4. Event Schedule / Agenda

  • Set up schedule and link speakers
  • Create single/multiple days schedule
  • Create breakout sessions
  • Attach feedback forms to sessions
  • Setup Polls for attendees to participate during the event

5. Marketing & RSVPs

  • Email Campaigns
  • Registration or RSVP
  • Automated Emails
  • Determine if your event is free (only requires individual RSVPs) or paid (requires ticket purchase). 
    • If your event is free and requires only individual registrations, please use → RSVP Registration
    • If your event is paid and allows multiple ticket purchase, please use → Ticketing Registration

      For more information or assistance, please contact the Micepad Team to assist you with the necessary organization and event setup. 

6. Day-of: Engagement

Get your audience to chat, participate in Q&A, Polls or Video Conferencing session where required. 

  • Leverage on Audience Engagement tools available within certain features on Micepad
  • Utilize Sponsor or Exhibitor Booths to promote your event sponsors or connect event attendees with event exhibitors or sponsors
  • Polls can be utilized via pop-up on attendee screens for organizers to gather real-time responses on questions

7. Post-Event: Feedback surveys, newsletter adds

  • Activate feedback or survey pop-ups on your attendees' screens at the end of your event to gather data on the performance of your event sessions or speakers
  • Sign up for on-demand for attendees to watch event playbacks after the event has ended for an extended period of time
  • Download Event Analytics to gather various event reports available on the platform
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