Translator Guide to Simultaneous Interpretation (SI)

Translator Guide to Simultaneous Interpretation (SI)

Translators can access the event platform via " Login as Administrator" from the event website. 

Translator view of access/control buttons under Livestream/Video conferencing:

Translators should ensure they remain in the "Main" Language audio in order to listen to the livestream (Language button on bottom right of stream).

How to Participate as Translator 

Once translator has logged into the event platform, ensure that you are on the livestream page to locate translator access/control buttons for SI. 

  1. At the bottom left of the livestream, click "Participate as Translator" button.

  2. Select Language from dropdown option
  3. Click "Unmute" to start simultaneously interpreting the live stream. Audience tuning in your SI language will be able to listen to your audio automatically. 
Note: When you're finished translating or pausing, click " Mute". When you have finished translating, please press the " End  Call" button. 
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