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Registration Setup

This article covers the Micepad Registration setup. Micepad allows you to set up free or paid event registration in the form of RSVP or Ticketing.

For Free/RSVP events → Setup RSVP form for registrants to respond to their event RSVP

For Free/Paid/Chargeable Ticketed events → Setup ticket types and set ticket prices for your event registrants to select and purchase their event tickets

Note: It is advisable for attendees are to register for Free Events utilising RSVP or Ticket Registration to confirm their attendance. 

Complete the following to successfully set up your event registration:

Access Registration on admin panel

From the event admin panel, select "Registration" from the top panel.

Note: Admins can view list of registered attendees from the Attendees admin panel. 

Set up RSVP Registration

Admins can configure RSVP form to accommodate requirements suitable for event RSVP. RSVP forms are useful when you would like to collect RSVP invitation responses from your invited attendees.

Registration Details

Select Registration from the top panel → On the Registration Details page, you can enable custom messages for RSVP confirmation or Registration close

Create New RSVP Form

  1. On the Registration Details page, enable/disable custom messages for RSVP confirmation or Registration close
  2. Create an RSVP form for general registration or create multiple RSVP forms for different attendee groups
    • Click "+Create Form" to add new RSVP form

Add or Remove form fields

  1. RSVP Form → General → Enable or Disable Standard Fields from left panel
  2. To add new custom fields, select any field on the right and click on the "+" icon and select a custom field
  3. To set question visibility → Click "Visibility" and set necessary conditions

Preview RSVP Form

To preview RSVP Form → Click "Preview" icon at the top right of page

Note: Useful to test out RSVP Form, especially dependent question fields during event setup.

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