Offline Mode

Update: May 2023

Are you worried about network interruptions affecting your event registration?

The new Offline Mode feature can alleviate those concerns by ensuring uninterrupted attendee check-ins.

What is Offline Mode and how is it useful for event administrators to manage attendee check-ins?

Micepad's latest addition, Offline Mode, is a valuable feature that enables seamless event registration and attendee check-ins throughout the entire registration process. With this feature, event administrators can ensure a smooth check-in experience for attendees during the registration session.

What is Offline Mode and how does it operate?

Offline Mode refers to the process of storing event registration and attendee check-in data offline, directly on the registration device. This means that you are able to register walk-in attendees, check-in registered attendees and print attendee badges while your devices are offline.

After the registration session concludes, administrators can synchronize check-in data from each device back to the Micepad platform once Offline Mode is disabled, and the devices are reestablished connection to a network.

Offline Mode is effortless, and it eliminates the need to tackle network difficulties in the middle of your registration session, resulting in shorter wait times for attendees to check-in and collect their event badges.

Note: When your network is down, quickly find an alternative network to connect to so that you are able to enable Offline Mode.

What happens if an attendee checks-in at more than 1 counter?

When this happens, the system will recognise the attendee's latest or most recent check-in time upon synchronisation after the registration is done.

Steps to ensure you are all setup and ready for Offline Mode.

  1. Setup Offline Mode on admin panel via Registration Settings
  2. For check-ins that require badge printing, ensure your devices are connected via cable or bluetooth to ensure seamless badge printing upon attendee check-in

Note: It is recommended to set up Offline Mode before the start of your registration session and avoid switching to Offline Mode during your registration session

Before event: Setup Offline Mode

  1. From Registration, go to Settings
  2. Under Settings, toggle Offline mode to enable

    Enable Offline mode

  3. Click Ok to confirm

  4. When Offline Mode is enabled, a banner will appear indicating that your device is offline mode. (During this time, all other features will be inaccessible except for Check-in and Offline Mode Settings.)

  5. Go to Check-in to ensure your printer is connected

During Check-In: Check-In attendees via Offline Mode

  1. Once Offline Mode is enabled, go to Check-In
  2. If your event is using badge printing, double check that your printer is connected to your device

  3. To perform attendee check-in, scan the QR code or manually search for the attendee's name using the search bar and then click on the "Check In" button.
    1. For Walk-Ins, click + New Walk-in and add attendee fields accordingly. Ensure that you collect required data such as First Name, Last Name and Email Address (Ask for a business card)
  4. When attendee is checked-in offline, there will be an icon next to their names indicating that their offline check-in is stored on the device's local drive, but hasn't been synced up to the Micepad platform yet

During Check-In: Walk-In Attendees

  1. At the Check-in page, click + New Walk-in

  2. Complete all fields and click Add Guest (Once added, walk-in attendee will be automatically checked-in)

After Check-In

Once your event registration check-in session is completed, you can now sync all check-in data to the Micepad platform. Follow the steps below to do so.

Sync Check-In Data

  1. Go to Settings and download offline data
  2. Disable Offline Mode

View Activity Log for Offline Mode

E.g. A new attendee registers as a walk-in at two counters. When registration/check-in kiosk is on Offline Mode, admins are not able to detect if the attendee has multiple registrations.

new person go to register walk-in in two counters. When offline mode (internet down), we cannot detect.

But after sync, this activity is recorded in Activity Log and can be traced back

When registration kiosk is on Offline Mode, admins are not able to detect when an attendee registers as walk-in via multiple counters.

Once the check-in data has synced after disabling Offline Mode, admins can check the Activity Log

  1. Click on Activity log

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