LinkedIn Community Builder

Enable the LinkedIn Community Builder feature for your event

The LinkedIn Community Builder integration provides you with the capability to design, establish, and connect with individuals who will be in attendance at your event through the use of LinkedIn. It fosters loyalty, aids in spreading recommendations through personal networks, and sustains the significance of your brand consistently.

What benefits does this integration provide?
When you integrate your event with the LinkedIn Community Builder, your attendees can effortlessly join your LinkedIn Event directly during the Micepad registration process on both RSVP and Ticket Registrations. Upon registration, a LinkedIn module will encourage your ticket buyers to join the community you're fostering on LinkedIn.
Once they become members of this community, they'll gain the capability to see other participants, participate in discussions, and initiate networking, all before the actual event commences. This early involvement will assist them in understanding the ticket's value right from the outset!

Steps to activate LinkedIn Community Builder
  1. Ensure your event is set up on Micepad.
  2. Create the same event on LinkedIn. Find more details here.
  3. Once you have activated the LinkedIn integration, copy the URL of your LinkedIn event.
  4. Return to the Micepad admin panel and navigate to Dashboard > Integrations > LinkedIn Community Builder.
  5. Go to the "Event details" page.
  6. Find the "Linkedin Community Builder" section and paste the LinkedIn event URL into that field.
  7. Save to update the changes.

Once you have successfully activated your LinkedIn Community Builder on Micepad, this finalizes the integration and activates the call-to-action within your event registration process.

How to Test if LinkedIn Community Builder is working?
Go to your RSVP or Ticket Registration site and go through the usual registration process where you can test how the Call-to-Action guides attendees to your LinkedIn Event.

When you have verified that everything is working correctly, 'Publish' your event registration and commence the construction of your online community!

Witness the integration in action by registering an RSVP to an event or obtaining a free ticket from the Ticket registration for your event. Observe how the LinkedIn integration seamlessly establishes an online community for the event, utilizing the corresponding LinkedIn Event.
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