Onsite: Check-In Setup

Attendee Check-In

Attendee check-In happens during your event registration, where attendees register at the counters to check-themselves in and receive a name badge, if required.

  1. To check-in onsite, setup either the web check in or check in app and login with your admin account.
  2. Kindly scan attendee's QR code if attendees are checking in with QR.
  3. If attendee does not have their QR code, you can manually search for attendee's name or company to check-in.
  4. Set up badge design if your event requires badge printing.
  5. Configure attendee data visibility to control the visibility of attendee data for check-in and for admins to key in data for walk-in attendees.

There are 6 sections within Onsite tab on the admin panel.

  • Check-In (a.k.a. Web Check-In)
  • Activity Log
  • Locations
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Badge Design
  • Settings

Decide what mode of onsite check-in will your event require?

  • Web Check-In
    • Web Check-In means that attendees are checked in by a registration staff from the admin panel

      Check-In attendees from the admin panel via laptop
  • Check-In App (iPad or Mobile device)
    • Self Check-In counters
    • Registration counters managed by registration staff


Useful when you have multiple locations/venues that require attendees to check-in.

E.g. Different session venues - Lobby, Hall A, Hall B

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode allows attendees to check in via QR code, search their registered names or emails.

The Kiosk is a web-based interface is accessible via browsers on laptops, iPads or mobile devices.

Admins can also set different locations to check-in with the kiosk mode.

Admin panel setup

Check In Admin View for Web Check In

  • Check-In attendees from the admin panel via laptop

Check In Kiosk View for Attendees

Badge Design

For events that require badge printing, Badge Design is where you setup your badge layout and field orientation.

If you have a badge design, you can upload the image as background for preview. This allows you to gauge and set the field orientation for printing.

Note: To conduct test print prior to event day to ensure the badge fields are formatted accurately.


Settings are where you can control the visibility of attendee data in the Check-In app.
  • Configure attendee data to ensure what can be seen on the check-in app.
You can also choose to enable or disable attendee data to be edited.

Offline mode

Refer to this article:
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