Best Practices for a Successful Virtual Event

Pulling off your first virtual or hybrid event can take a lot of work! Here’s a short guide on the best ways to ensure your event goes smoothly, your attendees are happy and engaged, and you can measure your success and event ROI.

  1. Define Your Audience:Determine if this is a public or private event. Your event can be accessible to all, open to only registered guests with a password, or strictly by invitation only.
  2. Articulate Your Virtual Event Strategy:Prior tothe event, inform your audience about the event details, changes and important links. Use our Emails & Campaigns to communicate with your audience efficiently and reassure them that the event is not cancelled nor postponed.
  3. Intentionally Design the Online Event Schedule: Increase engagement before, during and after the event by carefully designing your event schedule, with compelling descriptions, photos of session hosts and speakers, and breakout groups. Guests can see your schedule on your event page so they get a preview of your event before attending.
  4. Promote Your Event Effectively: In addition to typical event promotion practices, leverage your key people such as delegates, event speakers, sponsors, and partners to help promote to their networks and gain maximum awareness and reach.
  5. Engage and Wow Your Audience with Content: Keep your virtual attendees engaged throughout the event with the full stack of Micepad Event App Features. Livestream content to your audience and invite speakers to share their supporting documents for their presentation. Fun and impactful audience interaction tools are available including live polling, Q&A, quizzes and more.
  6. Implement Help Channels for Outreach Support:Ensure you have designated the best method your audience can use to reach your events team or the group who is running the event.
  7. Measure Success with an Event Feedback Survey: Utilise survey forms as a development tool and collate valuable feedback.
  8. Collect Post Event Data Analytics: Gain powerful insights into the activity of your guests.
  9. Pre-event Preview & Tech Run: Pre-Event Preview: Extend your reach and capture actionable insights with maximum traffic before the event goes live!
While there’s no replacing an overall sensory experience associated with a live, in-person event, a virtual event done right can be an incredible experience for attendees while helping event organisers achieve intangible business objectives.
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